• You MUST be a member of the Smart Millionaire WhatsApp Group

  • All games must be played through the weekly gameplay link shared in the SM WhatsApp group on a weekly basis.

  • Link to weekly quizzes is open on Friday and closes on midnight. The winner is announced on Sunday and prizes are distributed on Monday.

  • To stand a chance to win the weekly prize, you MUST have registered for the gameshow by  by buying the form.

  • Ensure to enter your full name and phone number after completion of the quiz on our website   when prompted (these data are only collected to ensure that you are included in the final draw and also to be able to contact you if you win).

  • Only one Play will be allowed per player

  • Take a screenshot of your congratulation message and pass it on to the designated admin of the Smart millionaire WhatsApp group, ensuring to also provide your full name and contact number.